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Brenan Kovach

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I'm going to be real with you.


When I was a kid if you told me I can make filmmaking a full-time career, id laugh and not believe you, straight up. I guess when I was a kid making films was something that was fun I would do with my friends on a weekend. Nothing more... Over time I've had other interests, sports, music, and hobbies, but filmmaking always moved me and defined how I was as a person. 

When I won my high school's film festival and contacted a local theater to play it and raise money for a charity through ticket sales. This is when it really clicked for me. I have the power through my craft, my films I consider simply a fun activity to actually change lives... If I could recreate that moment at that theater with my friends, laughing, crying, and making an impact, I would be happy forever.

And I guess I haven't stopped trying to create that moment again since.

Filmmaker // Photographer // DoP

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Alan, John L Scott

When it comes to someone that is reliable, friendly, and transparent.

Brenan is the best example of that.

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Joe, Snapbar

I've worked with Brenan for years and

can always count on him to provide his 100%


Keaton, Al Fakher

Kova Films is a creative company I know I can count on reliably to not only provide a fantastic product that is more than worth its value. But also provide an unforgettable experience as well.


I work with fantastic people and amazing brands

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