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Impactful visuals

made creatively

powered by story 


What I Do

Music, lifestyle, and more

Providing full video & photo service 

Creating compelling images that engage

Telling stories that motivate the audience



Filmmaking is a journey

Over the years I've realized you don't need just a video, you need visual solutions strengthened by collaboration and then perfected to share

I get it, videos are exciting.  You probably have a great idea

or there's an awesome event coming up or maybe it's

a product that deserves attention. Whatever it is you know video is the solution.

So now you're here... But ordering a video shouldn't be as easy as ordering a pizza.


Great digital art needs to build a vessel before leaving. It takes talking, planning, scheduling, it requires collaboration.

What I offer is an experience in the filmmaking journey, to create the best work that provides solutions, tells a story, motivates, is unique, and converts.

I'm here for the long haul, I have to understand you and the vision before leaving on the journey. Our relationship is my priority, the video comes soon after.





Brenan Kovach

Ko va (8).png

I'm going to be real with you.


When I was a kid if you told me I can make filmmaking a full-time career, id laugh and not believe you, straight up. I guess when I was a kid making films was something that was fun I would do with my friends on a weekend. Nothing more... Over time I've had other interests, sports, music, and hobbies, but filmmaking always moved me and defined how I was as a person. 

When I won my high school's film festival and contacted a local theater to play it and raise money for a charity through ticket sales. This is when it really clicked for me. I have the power through my craft, my films I consider simply a fun activity to actually change lives... If I could recreate that moment at that theater with my friends, laughing, crying, and making an impact, I would be happy forever.

And I guess I haven't stopped trying to create that moment again since.

Filmmaker // Photographer // DoP

Learn why people keep coming back


Alan, John L Scott

When it comes to someone that is reliable, friendly, and transparent.

Brenan is the best example of that.

0 (1).jpg

Joe, Snapbar

I've worked with Brenan for years and

can always count on him to provide his 100%


Keaton, Al Fakher

Kova Films is a creative company I know I can count on reliably to not only provide a fantastic product that is more than worth its value. But also provide an unforgettable experience as well.


I work with fantastic people and amazing brands

to create digital content that will leave an impression.

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