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Visual solutions that convert

Why Kova Films?

Trusted by numerous business local and international, our digital content solutions are perfect for even the smallest business and everyone in between. We specialize in consumer engagement. Using Social Media to generate more leads by creating custom digital content for your target audience specifically for your brand.

Al Fakher needed a promotional video to play on loop at an expo.
This video also was distributed online to promote their two new products.

Al Fakher needed a promotional commercial for company services. This video alone resulted in the company immediately prioritizing this service across the United States.

Small Business owner 'Peninsula Bevco' needed a promotional video for an upcoming event.

'Kitsap Builders Association' needed an internal Corporate video for company awareness. 


Pre-production is an important part of making a successful video. Finding the story and planning it out. The best thing ever for me is collaborating. As a Filmmaker I love hearing ideas that people have, inputting my ideas, and coming up with something entirely unique.


Production is the action of producing the content, easily my favorite part. When I think of providing a service I think it should have an impact on the viewer and client. I believe it should be worry-free, uplifting, and easy. What fuels those elements is passion, and drive. I love what I do, capturing moments and sharing a story is so joyful. As a cinematographer, I take pride in my work and am confident my work will be worthwhile. Through my experiences I know I can provide my best service.


Editing is where a lot of magic happens. It's where all the pieces come together. Seeing the story and passion, the ensuing impact the content will make. As an experienced videographer, I love making the editing process exciting and easy. I think the reaction of people that I create is priceless, for me that is fulfillment and I live for it.

So whats the process?

Provide you with a formal quote, with dates, locations, and pricing. 


Plan and/or provide any scripting or pre-production need.

Treatments and video meetings provided if need be.


Arrive at your location at least a half-hour beforehand to capture all the video.


Provide drafts, so that your team has the ability to request changes to the video instantly online. Dedicated google drive folder provided


Finalize and deliver the final video.


We'll make this process as smooth as possible.

I look forward to working with you.

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